The Easy Giving is a coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations that have decided to work together to change the giving environment in Slovakia. Despite the rapid development and many important changes which have happened since the “Velvet revolution” in 1989, the giving culture is still far behind "western standards”.

On one side, people in Slovakia are fairly generous towards NGOs, and a significant percentage of the population donate to charities. However, the main problem is the extremely complicated system in place for people to donate regularly. Payment tools like direct debit or recurrent card donations either don´t exist or are too complicated to use. Consequently, the number of regular donors is only a fraction of what the country can potentially achieve.

Founding of the Coalition

Therefore, after some brief discussions, twelve Non-Governmental Organizations decided to join forces and work together to change the situation. A general agreement was signed in April 2011. The agreement specifies the priorities of the Coalition, the way the members communicate, and the decision-making process. The coalition is also open to any new members who wish to play their part in changing the giving environment in Slovakia.

The Coalition has chosen four main priorities:

  • to develop a favourable environment for individual giving in Slovakia,
  • to pursue and promote the common interests of members,
  • to remove barriers that complicate the giving process and
  • to serve as a platform for mutual cooperation and sharing of experiences between the members in the field of fundraising from individual donors.

Our members